Electronic Filing

Adomaites Associates is an authorized IRS e-file Provider

An Authorized IRS e-file Provider is a tax professional or firm who is accepted into the IRS electronic filing program. One type of Authorized IRS e-file Provider is an Electronic Return Originator (ERO). An ERO is a person or firm that taxpayers entrust with tax information for the purpose of filing income tax returns electronically to the IRS. Adomaites Associates, LTD is an ERO.

As you may or may not know, effective January 1, 2006, the State of New York  
requires practitioners who prepare 200 or more New York State Income Tax Returns  to file client returns electronically. This mandate was intended to enhance the state's filing and audit processes along with providing fast refunds, more accurate returns, proof of filing receipt, electronic signatures and electronic payments.

We understand that we will have some clients that will elect not to e-file. Although we encourage you to e-file, the decision is still yours. If your preference is to paper file, you will have to sign form IT-800 "Opt-Out-Record" the "Election Not to File Electronically" form.

Paperless filing is the wave of the future. We have been assured that electronic filing is safe and secure for all taxpayers. Transmissions are made over secure telephone lines, not over the internet.

Commonly asked questions regarding e-file

Q. What is the Personal Identification Number (PIN)?
 A. The PIN allows you to personally sign your electronic tax return using a five-digit number. The PIN serves as your signature on your tax returns. Our firm will have this form all filled out for you when you come to pick up your returns or they are mailed to you. All we need you to do is sign the form for us to keep on file and then we are able to e-file your returns.

Q. Can I pay my balance due by phone or Internet with a credit card if I'm a 'married filing joint' filer?
 A. Yes. Just be sure to enter the Social Security number of the first taxpayer listed on the return's pre-printed mailing label or postcard. This is usually the taxpayer listed on the return.

Q. Do I really get my refund faster?
A. With IRS e-file you get it back in half the usual time. It's even faster and safer if you have your refund deposited directly to your bank account in as few as 10 days. ask you Authorized IRS e-file Provider for the estimated date of deposit. For more information about Direct Deposit, go to the Financial Management Service (FMS) web site, www.fins.treas.gov/eft/.

Q. Should I wait until April 15 to file electronically if I owe taxes?
 A. No. You can e-file your return as soon as it is completed. Then send your payment in on or before April 15.  Adomaites Associates will give you a payment voucher and addressed envelope to make sure it goes to the correct IRS center.

Q. What is a Form 9465, Installment Agreement Request?
A. This form is available to our firm. An approved Installment Agreement allows you to make a predetermined series of partial payments after April 15. Regardless of how you pay, you are responsible for paying the amount of tax due by April 15 of each year or you will be subject to late payment penalties and interest.
Q. Do I have a greater chance of getting audited by the IRS if I use IRS e-file?
 A. No. The chance of an audit of an e-filed return is no greater than with a paper return.

Q. How do I know that the IRS really has my return?
A. The IRS notifies your Authorized IRS e-file Provider within 48 hours of transmission that your return information was received. If the IRS detects any errors, it sends a message back to our firm indicating the error. Our firm will correct the error and notify you to let you know what the error was. We will then retransmit your returns to the IRS.
Q. Can my state tax return be e-filed with my Federal return at the same time?
 A. There are 37 states and the District of Columbia currently participating in the IRS e-file program. Some of these states have returns that can't be filed electronically unless it is with the Federal return. Other states will be filed as independent states - meaning that they can be filed without the Federal return attached to it. The Michigan return needs to be filed with the Federal return.

Q. If my return is electronic, how do I sign it?
A. The most convenient way for you to sign your electronic return is to use a Personal Identification Number (PIN). It's completely paperless! Our firm has you sign a document that shows that you agree with the numbers in the return and is allowing us to e-file your return for you. The signed forms stay at our firm for four years.

Q. What if I owe and cannot pay the full balance due on my taxes?
A. The tax preparation software used by our firm can allow you to make partial payments. In this case, you can make a payment for less than the balance due amount on your return. If you cannot pay in full by April 15, you can file Form 9465,Installment Agreement Request.

Q. What happens if my return is filed electronically, I am receiving a refund, and I owe taxes from previous years?
 A. The amount owed on back taxes is automatically deducted from your refund just as if you filed a paper return.